How to Check Your Bike Insurance Status Online via Parivahan Sewa and RTO?

It is mandatory to keep your bike insurance status up-to-date and valid not only from the legal perspective but also from the financial perspective in case of any mishaps or damages in India. Fortunately, the provision of online checking of one’s bike insurance has become more convenient with the help of Parivahan Sewa or even directly with the RTO website. In the following list, I will briefly describe how to check the status of your bike insurance through these websites:

Using Parivahan Sewa:

  1. Visit the Parivahan Sewa Website: To begin, access the official Parivahan Sewa website at This platform offers a range of online services related to vehicle registration and management.
  2. Navigate to ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’: On the Parivahan Sewa homepage, locate the ‘Online Services’ tab. Under this section, you will find an option labeled ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’. Click on this option to proceed to the next step.
  3. Enter Your Bike’s Registration Number: You will be prompted to enter your bike’s registration number. It is essential to input this information accurately as it appears on your bike’s registration certificate (RC). This number serves as the primary identifier for retrieving your bike’s details.
  4. Select the Search Method: Depending on the options provided, choose the search method that corresponds to the information you have available. Common search methods include ‘Registration Number’ or ‘Chassis Number’. Enter the relevant details accordingly.
  5. Complete the Captcha Verification: As a security measure, Parivahan Sewa requires users to verify their identity by completing a captcha. Enter the characters displayed in the captcha image accurately and proceed by clicking the ‘Submit’ or ‘Search’ button.
  6. View Your Bike Insurance Status: Upon successful submission, Parivahan Sewa will retrieve and display the details associated with your bike. Look for the section specifically indicating your bike’s insurance status—whether it is active or expired.
  7. Save or Print the Information (Optional): For your records, consider saving a screenshot of the displayed information or printing it out. This documentation can serve as proof of your bike’s insurance status.

Using Regional Transport Office (RTO) Websites:

  1. Locate Your State’s RTO Website: Each state in India operates its own RTO, managing vehicle registration and related services. Visit the official website of your state’s RTO to proceed.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Vehicle Details’ Section: Once on the RTO website, look for a section typically labeled ‘Vehicle Details’ or a similar term. This section is designed to provide comprehensive information about registered vehicles, including insurance status.
  3. Enter Your Bike’s Registration Number: Enter your bike’s registration number into the designated field on the RTO website. Double-check the number to ensure accuracy before proceeding.
  4. Submit Your Query and Verify Information: Follow the prompts provided by the RTO website to submit your query regarding your bike’s details. Depending on the platform, you may need to verify additional information for security purposes.
  5. Check Your Bike Insurance Status: After submitting your query, the RTO website will retrieve and display detailed information about your bike, including its insurance status. Look for the section indicating whether your bike insurance zero dep is currently active or has expired.
  6. Download or Print the Details (Optional): Consider downloading a digital copy or printing the displayed information for your personal records. Having documentation of your bike’s insurance status can be valuable for future reference and legal compliance.


It is crucial to know your bike insurance status online over the counter or through options like Parivahan Sewa and RTO websites. Through reading the contents above, it becomes clearly understandable how to check the bike insurance and ascertain that it is legal to use since they cover several aspects that entail bike insurance and motorcycle insurance online renewal.

This not only keeps a person updated on the policies on their bike but also helps in the timely renewal of other necessary documents that are required for the bike to be legally on the roads. If you want to use a single site for centralized services or an RTO of your own state for quick access, both options provide easy and clear interfaces for accessing bike insurance details.

Even if you are an expert in bike insurance policies, it’s crucial to know how to manage the above online facilities to ensure you make the right decisions regarding your bike. As you continue to be informed, your protection will also continue to be guaranteed while enjoying a safe riding experience as you are assured that you have active bike insurance.

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