6 Ways To Style Your Vests This Summer


Now that the summer is here and the hotness from the sun has reached us, we need to make sure that our closets look great this year. For any man who is looking for a way to appear nice throughout the whole summer, it is important that you include a vest in your collection as it can act as both casual wear or whether going to a friend get-together or even having some drinks after work. Wear your cotton vest for men in these six amazing ways during this hot season.

How to Style Your Vests in Summer

Here are some excellent ways to style your vests from XYXX Crew:

  1. The Casual Day Out Look

Nothing compares to a simple and yet stylish outfit for those relaxed summer days. Match one of the cotton vests with your denim jeans, and end up with a basic shirt. It can work well when going shopping, out for a casual lunch with your friends, or even taking a walk in the park. Just put on yours together with some white sneakers and a pair of sunglasses to get that swanky effect. The vest adds a layer of interest to the otherwise plain jeans and shirt ensemble, making you look effortlessly put together.

  1. The Boho Chic Ensemble

Match a funky cotton vest for men with a textured short-sleeve shirt to bring out your inner bohemian spirit. Get those that have colorful patterns, complex embroideries, or striking prints for an added boho feel. Rock this look at music festivals, beach bashes, and any outdoor events in summer. Your outfit won’t be complete without some cool boots, a boho hat, plus cool necklaces and bracelets. The vest not only adds a touch of flair but also provides a light layer against the evening breeze.

  1. The Smart Casual Combo

A vest is your BFF when seeking smart-casual balance. Wear a sharp vest, button down shirt, as well as fitted jeans or chinos. This combination is perfect for informal business attire, night outs and even semi-formal occasions. Go for neutral or pastel-coloured vests if you want your style to look more sophisticated in this case. You can elevate the outfit with loafers or brogues and a sleek watch. This combination strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and refined.

  1. The Beach-Ready Outfit

A cotton vest for men is a fashionable and useful addition to your beachwear if you are going to the beach. In order to stay fresh under strong sunlight, just wear a vest which is made of either cotton or linen. It may also be worn with swimming shorts. Hiking in the hills is always something fun to do in the company of your friends. Just wear the vest, grab your favorite pair of comfy flip-flops and a casual cap, and off you go. 

  1. The Athleisure Trend

Athleisure is a combination of athletic wear and casual wear that can be worn every day, anywhere. One way to get that active summer look in comfort can include the combination of a sporty cotton vest for men with dry-fit lower or athletic shorts. This is especially useful when considering vests that have moisture-wicking properties since they are great for workouts, too. Put on some classy shoes, both of which will complement the Athleisure style completely. This attire is superb for a workout session, going about duties, or even meeting casually with buddies. 

  1. The Night Out Glam

Vests can be glamorous, too. Grab one with some sparklers or decorations for a night out. A straight pair of pants would work well with a metallic or sequined one. A black or darker-coloured vest that has shiny parts on it is likely to grab attention. Use some shoes along with a striking accessory like a necklace in order to complete your outfit. This ensemble is perfect for a summer party, a date night, or a fancy dinner. 

In a Nutshell

A cotton vest for men has the capacity to be adapted into different designs that befit the events they are worn to, as well as the personalities of the wearers. Going for a casual, boho, smart casual, night out, athleisure, or beach-ready appearance. Try vests, and they will give your outfit both form and style. It is good to know that it is possible to create stylish outfits by using various materials, colors, and add-ons. So, why not just rock the hottest season feeling bold in your lovely vest? Shop now at XYXX Crew!

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